When male Justice Leaguers strike a (Wonder Woman) pose

Cartoonist Kelly Turnbull, creator of the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, turns to illustration to make a hilarious and biting point about the depiction of women in superhero comics, selecting David Finch's variant cover for Justice League #1 (below) as her target.

In response to a comment that "we’re reaching a point of just complaining about any and every little thing," Turnbull replied: "The point of contention still is, as it always was, that people are getting tired of seeing all of the female leads drawn with body language and uniforms that make them appear less heroic, powerful, legitimate, and all-around able to be taken seriously than their male counterparts." To underscore her point, she offered a look at Wonder Woman's male teammates might look like in similar costumes, striking a similar pose. Aquaman's flaccid trident may be particularly cruel commentary about a lack of power ...

Visit Turnbull's blog to see the full illustration, with Green Lantern, Batman and Superman.

(via Phil Jimenez)

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