When is a preview not a preview?

There's a brave new world of digital comics out there, but some publishers, it appears, aren't taking it very seriously.

One of the advantages of ebook formats like Kindle and iBooks is that you can offer the reader a free sample of the book so they can see if they will like it. The problem is that these "free samples" often consist entirely of what editors call "front matter"—title page, half-title, copyright page, and blank pages in between them. No comics.

This probably comes from automatically grabbing the first few pages of the file for the preview without checking what they are. At the downthetubes Mobile Comics blog, John Maybury offers some suggestions for publishers to get their comic into the preview and their front matter out of the way. More publishers should heed his advice, because these content-free previews are distressingly common. When I was writing about IDW's graphic novels on iBooks the other day, I got curious and checked out some of the other offerings; of the ones I looked at, only the IDW books and Bluewater's Violet Rose had actual previews. That's a shame, because the preview can be a powerful selling tool—but only if it has actual content. Setting up a preview and putting nothing but almost-blank pages into it wastes everyone's time, especially the reader's.

Click for an example of a preview done right.

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