When Ben Franklin Slept With Doctor Strange's Girlfriend

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Reader Charles J. wrote in to suggest I spotlight the time that Ben Franklin slept with Doctor Strange's girlfriend!

In his last story arc on "Doctor Strange", Steve Englehart wrote a story where Doctor Strange and Clea traveled through the past to learn the occult history of America. It was a really cool story arc.

Anyhow, in "Doctor Strange" #18 (artwork by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer), they ended up in 1775, where they got on a boat with Benjamin Franklin, who Strange wanted to meet.

After some more socializing, they were attacked!

Later, another magic attack left the three of them alone on the boat, so Strange insisted that Clea stick close to Franklin.

However, I don't think Strange expected THIS exactly...

That is just awesome. However, Marvel likely disagreed, so the very next issue a new writer took over and explained that that was not really Benjamin Franklin, although the story was later written back INTO continuity in the pages of Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn's "Deadpool".

Thanks for the suggestion, Charles! If anyone else has a weird but awesome story they'd like to see spotlighted, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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