When a utility belt just won't do, there's the Batman backpack

The Dark Knight's utility belt has held everything from a grapnel gun to a sonic devastator to kryptonite, but what's to be done with larger items, like a laptop or books? That's where this Batman backpack comes in.

The Caped Crusader would undoubtedly dub it the "Batpack," but no matter what you want to call it, it's pretty cool. Black and gray (naturally), the 18-inch by 14-inch by 8-inch backpack boasts a subtle design -- well, as subtle as anything with a Bat-emblem can be.

There's a padded section for your laptop or tablet -- excuse me, Bat-laptop or Bat-tablet -- a top handle for quick escapes, and a hole at the top for a hydration tubing system. Or, y'know, a rebreather, whatever.

The Batman backpack is available for $70 from ThinkGeek.

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