Whedon's Marvel Future, Quicksilver's Role & More "Age of Ultron" Details Arrive

With its May 1 release date only months away, the final details on Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" are arriving online -- along with some discussion of where the mega-franchise's future will go next.

After a slew of images arrived from Empire's latest superhero cover story, Comic Book Movie dug into the cover story for some new details on where the Avengers go next including a spoiler-filled look at the next film's opening sequence.

But the biggest news may be that after two outings with Earth's Mightiest Heroes and a ton of Marvel Cinematic Universe work in between, director Joss Whedon may be ready to wind down his time behind the "Avengers" camera. "I couldn't imagine doing this again," the director said when asked about Marvel's plans for a two-part "Avengers: Infinity War" film. "It's enormously hard, and it [will] be, by [the time I would make 'Avengers 3 & 4'], a good five years since I created anything that was completely my own. So it's very doubtful that I would take on the two-part Infinity War movie that would eat up the next four years of my life. I obviously still want to be a part of the Marvel Universe - I love these guys - but it ain't easy. This year has been more like running three shows than any year of my life. It is bonkers."

Meanwhile, Quicksilver actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson opened up about his hotheaded new character saying that his portrayal will fall in line with the way the character has often been portrayed in the modern comics. "He's very agitated because everything runs too slowly for him. He's quick at everything. He's quick to lose his temper," he said, adding that the character's arc will tie closely with that of his sister Scarlet Witch. "It's more about Pietro and Wanda together, a yin/yang where he's very physical and very protective of her and she's very internal and always mothering him. Pietro doesn't [frick]ing trust anybody. The only one he cares for and at the end of the day will jump in front of a bullet for is his sister, Wanda."

Additionally, Taylor-Johnson admitted to enjoying Evan Peters' version of the character in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" but didn't watch that film until after his shooting on "Age of Ultron" was finished.

Stay tuned for more final details on "Age of Ultron" as the film's release draws near.

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