Whedon Explains Why He Didn't Instantly Jump on <i>The Avengers 2</i>

When Marvel's The Avengers was released, director Joss Whedon wasn't sure if he'd want to return for the sequel. Fortunately for everyone involved, his views changed, but there are still some who wonder why he didn't immediately sign on board.

Whedon recently sat down with Co.Create while promoting his new movie Much Ado About Nothing and explained that he wasn't certain he wanted to delve into another big-budget blockbuster. "There’s a business aspect to it and I would be disingenuous not to say that, but the question for me is, Do I have another story to tell about these people?” he said. “So we worked on the business side of it and I didn’t think it was going to happen – I was like, ‘I’m never going to do this again.’ But once they worked on the business aspect of it I thought that seems fair and cool, so, the question was, Do I have another thing to say?”

He continued, “I was in London and I went to a pub and had some fish and chips and a pint and started writing in my notebook. I’m writing if I was going to do this what would I say and 40 minutes later I filled the notebook. So I text my agent and said to make the deal. I’m so in love with that universe and the characters and the way they were played and I have so much more I want to do with them. I know I can’t match the success of the first one but I can try to make a better film and that’s what I’m excited about, that’s the new room of fear I’m entering now.”

It turns out that part of what made him feel relaxed enough to tackle The Avengers 2 was filming Much Ado About Nothing. Coming on board with Marvel for the next three years is a pretty big commitment, so first he wanted to shake his limbs out by filming a project with his friends for next to no money.

"The Avengers was a job and a really tough job,” Whedon said. “I can’t say that about Much Ado. That was a gift, a gift from my wife who said, this is what you want to do. You don’t want to travel. You want to do this. I remember thinking: Have I gone completely mad? Then, I’m shooting and I feel all the tension release from my body. It was amazing.”

Whedon has said he has some big plans for The Avengers 2, teasing that bringing the team together at the end is only the beginning. “The creation of the team is not the happy ending,” he said. “It is the beginning of something that is complex and difficult, and now I get to dig a little deeper. And maybe, while I’m digging, just twist that knife. And that’s exciting for me.”

The Avengers 2 is due in theaters May 1, 2015.

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