What's Your TV Comfort Food?

I mentioned, last weekend, that I've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Netflix Instant, and it struck me that it's become my latest TV version comfort food: A show that can calm you down, cheer you up after a rough day, and basically just make everything seem that little bit better.

There's a pretty narrow definition of what constitutes TV comfort food, for me; as odd as it may sound, it has to be kind of... well, not bad, exactly, but not exactly the sort of television that forces you to the edge of your seat or makes you think too hard. Ideally, it's also something that you're either watching on Netflix or DVD or as part of a marathon or daily screening - An earlier incarnation for me was Gilmore Girls, not when it was originally being aired (Well, not at first; I started watching "live" in the last season, I think), but when it was being stripped on ABC Family daily) - because there's something about the frequency or availability that's comforting, too. So, sure, ABC's Castle fits the quality criteria, but it's just not on often enough for me.

But it made me wonder: I can't be the only person who gets into shows this way, right? Who finds shows to watch and unwind to, enjoyable in their predictability, and perfectly happy with that? I'm turning to you, dear readers: Please rush to my aid here, and tell me of your own Comfort Shows. I promise you, I won't judge you - although, let's face it; it's the internet, so someone probably will.

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