What's the over/under on when Steve Rogers will return?

Yesterday's Marvel solicitations for June included a renumbered Captain America #600, featuring all sorts of special anniversary content from previous Cap creators (including Joe Simon):

But will this special issue see the return of Steve Rogers in more than just a flashback?

It wasn't anything I was really anticipating or expecting until I saw this post on Robot 6 contributor Lisa Fortuner's blog. Apparently Lisa and Melissa Krause have a bet going about when Steve Rogers will return from the dead.

"We're both completely convinced that Steve Rogers will be back very soon," Lisa wrote, but they don't agree on when. Melissa thinks it'll be in an anniversary issue (such as, say, issue 600) while Lisa thinks it will "coincide with a date or an event rather than an issue number. I expected Steve Rogers to be resurrected on the month of his 70th Anniversary issue, in a special 4th of July or Sept 11th issue, or just before the movie comes out," she said.

But after seeing the solicitations, Lisa thinks she's about to lose some money. "There's a chance I can keep my ice cream money in June (maybe if someone from Marvel sees this blogpost and goes 'oh shit, the fans are on to us!') but it's so slim it's under five on the BMI scale."

So what do you think -- is it time for Steve to return, or is Marvel better off keeping Bucky behind the shield for awhile longer? I personally wasn't wild about the new Cap at first, but he's really grown on me since then. So I'd like to see him keep the costume for a little while longer.

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