What's the nerdiest U.S. city? (Hint: It isn't San Diego)

When you think of America's nerdiest cities -- OK, if you think about them -- your mind likely gravitates toward San Diego, the summer destination of tens and thousands of people each July for Comic-Con International, or San Jose, known as the "Capital of Silicon Valley," or Seattle, home to Amazon, Emerald City Comicon and Penny Arcade Expo (and neighbor of Microsoft).

But when the real-estate website Movoto.com compiled its own list of the 10 nerdiest cities in the United States, none of those locations came out on top. Heck, San Diego didn't make the cut at all.

Instead, the nerd crown went to Atlanta, home to DragonCon and also the website's top city for gamers. It's followed by: Portland, Oregon; Seattle; Sacramento; Minneapolis; Boston; Las Vegas; Miami; San Jose (all the way down at No. 9); and Denver.

So how did the site arrive at that list? By using an arcane formula that factored in the number of annual comics, video game, anime and sci-fi/fantasy conventions, the number of people per comics store, video game store, traditional gaming store, computer store, bookstore, LARPing group and science museum, and the distance to the nearest Renaissance fair.Los Angeles, which didn't make the Top 10, and the most conventions, but Portland, Sacramento and Las Vegas had the most comic shops per capita. And so on. Atlanta, it seems, came out well ahead on bookstores and LARPing groups. San Diego clearly needs to up its game, or at least put its Chamber of Commerce to work attracting Renaissance fairs.

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