What's the Deal with Icon?

So, in the aforementioned JMS piece, he mentions his title Book of Lost Souls is "in limbo" at Marvel, as it was part of Marvel's ICON line of comics. I thought ICON was a clever idea by Marvel. It's basically a Marvel "rewards program" for exclusive creators, to give them a place to publish creator-owned properties. And it's reserved for the creators that Marvel would want to "reward" - their big guys, Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Ed Brubaker and JMS (with David Mack being a part of it, as well, but I am unfamiliar as to the terms of his being at ICON - was it a deal with Mack himself, or was it part of Bendis' deal?). It's good for Marvel, as it allows their top talent not to worry about losing out on creator-owned work by being "stuck" at Marvel, and it's good for the creators, because it is a lot easier to publish your creator-owned titles through Marvel than elsewhere.


Okay, but what's the deal if you are no longer an exclusive? What are the rights? Apparently, if you're no longer exclusive, Marvel will no longer publish your comic (which is totally fair enough), but are you completely free and clear to do with it as you will? I imagine so, but I honestly do not for sure.

Anyone know for sure?

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