What's more awesome than awesome? <i>Awesome 2: Awesomer</i>

A couple of years ago the guys who do the Indie Spinner Rack podcast worked with several of their past guests to create an anthology simply called Awesome. This Spring brings the sequel, Awesome 2: Awesomer, which features a nice cover by Jeff Smith and contributions by Alex Robinson, Fred Van Lente, Dave Roman, Jim Rugg, Kevin Colden, Fred Chao, Jeff Lemire, Salgood Sam, Julia Wertz and many more. Check out the full list here.

And while the list of folks involved is impressive enough, there are two elements to the project that I thought really put the "er" in "Awesomer." First, half the proceeds for the book will go toward scholarships at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Second, the book includes a mini-comic that collects stories by some of the students at the school ... so not only does the main book include comics by some of the current greats in independent comics, but the mini-comic features creators we'll likely be talking about in the future.

And just to put the icing on the cake ... Jason Lutes is doing the cover for the mini-comic, while Jon Adams of Truth Serum fame is designing the book.

The book is due to hit stores in May and will be published by Top Shelf Productions.

Via the Flight blog

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