What's in store for the all-ages Marvel Adventures line?

Marvel's solicitations for March make it obvious the publisher is canceling the two remaining titles in its well-regarded Marvel Adventures line of all-ages comics. What isn't so clear, however, is what will take their place.

In an uncharacteristic move for Marvel, the solicitations released Tuesday for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61 and Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21 declare "FINAL ISSUE!" for both books.

That seems plain enough, even if it's unusual for the publisher to acknowledge cancellations that far in advance. But you just know there's more to it, right? Right.

Paul Tobin, who writes both books, acknowledged on Twitter that "it's a 'stay tuned' sort of announcement." Meanwhile, a company spokesman would only say that "Marvel has some exciting announcements relating to the future of Marvel Adventures."

The imprint, which at various points also included all-ages versions of The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk and Iron Man, debuted in 2005 as a revamped version of the Marvel Age line (which launched two years earlier).

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