What's Going On With Nic Cage And Trespass?

With two weeks to go before shooting begins, why did Nicolas Cage drop out of thriller Trespass - and what had he already done to complicate production on the movie?

Apparently, Cage seemed to have real problems with Joel Schumacher's new thriller; firstly, he switched roles two weeks ago from Nicole Kidman's husband and protagonist of the piece to the movie's villain - Liev Schreiber has been offered the husband role as replacement, but hasn't accepted - and now, with two weeks to go before the start of filming, he's dropped out of the movie entirely and disappeared on vacation. Deadline Hollywood points out that this leaves producer Avi Lerner in an unenviable position of having to find someone to replace Cage quickly, postpone filming for an unknown amount of time in order to prep a replacement, or cancel the production altogether.

The fourth option, of finding Cage on vacation and begging him to reconsider, doesn't seem to be discussed, although it's one I'd be leaving on the table, were I in Lerner's shoes.

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