What's Going On In Gotham City?

By the end of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne is a broken man. His longtime love is dead at the hands of the Joker, he's failed to save Harvey Dent from the brink of self-destruction and he's even taking on the public blame for Harvey's death. Needless to say, not all is well in Gotham City for everybody's favorite Caped Crusader.

That's not the case for the status of Batman 3 however, as the film is reportedly on track for a 2012 release with filming set to begin in April 2011, according to Michael Caine himself. But beyond those sparse details and the knowledge that Nolan, his brother Jonathan and David S. Goyer are involved, little else is known about the third Batman.

But perhaps a title has emerged, as io9 uncovered a list of fourteen Batman-related domain names acquired by Warner Bros. in recent weeks and months. Some fans are thinking that one of these domain names could be the title for Nolan's third Batman film, though another popular theory is that these are possible titles for the sequel to the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. With Comic-Con just one week away, we're sure to find out soon enough.

Read the domain names below and tell us what you think they mean in the comments section.

- ArkhamCity.com- BatmanArkhamCity.com- BatmanAshesofGotham.com- BatmanBrokenGround.com- BatmanNewArkham.com- BatmanGrandDelusion.com- BatmanRiseofArkham.com- BatmanSiegeofGotham.com- BatmanStateofVillainy.com- CityofArkham.com- CloseArkhamCity.com- PeopleforGotham.com- StopMayorSharp.com- WarinGothamCity.com- WheresBruceWayne.com

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