What's Edgar Wright Telling Us About 'Ant-Man'?

Edgar Wright is telling us something about Ant-Man, but we're just not sure what. On his blog, the director posted the above image with the simple message, "Homework."

As Comic Book Movie points out, the shot is from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 episode "To Steal an Ant-Man," which finds janitor Scott Lang stealing Hank Pym's Ant-Man suit in an effort to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The episode takes its cues from Marvel Premiere #47.

One of the big questions surrounding Wright's upcoming Ant-Man film is which version of the character Paul Rudd will play on the big screen. Hank Pym originated the character (and we know that he at least appears in the film), but Lang also had a pretty solid run in the helmet. There's also the Robert Kirkman-created Eric O'Grady, who seems to be the dark horse in this race. Whether Wright's post is a solid indicator of Lang's involvement or merely him watching one of the character's somewhat-limited appearances in other media remains to be seen at this point.

Ant-Man arrives July 31, 2015

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