What's DC Entertainment's Next Move?

As CBR reported this morning via our Robot 6 blog, recent comments in the press by Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer (speaking at a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference) have not only cast light upon the importance the characters and concepts of DC Comics hold for the entertainment giant's future but have also put a time clock of sorts on long-standing rumors about DC's possible relocation to the West Coast.

One year out from the start of the restructuring that saw DC's official corporate name change to DC Entertainment and the waves and waves of executive and creative additions and departures that followed, and on a basic publishing level not much appears to have changed for the company. The full slate of monthly DC comics and graphic novels continue to be produced through the company's 75-year home of New York City while on the broader media side of things, the majority of DCE releases to have hit theaters, DVD stores and television are still largely seen as the product of the previous administration's development slate. While there have been changes on the digital distribution front along with several projects and initiatives announced that draw DC and Warner Bros. closer together (such as the this morning's news surrounding the WB Animation adaptation of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's award-winning "All-Star Superman" comic), no major changes have yet taken place that affect DC structurally.

That may change next week.

In addition to Meyer's promise that a spread sheet detailing Warner's plans for the DC superheroes in terms of how they're marketed, represented and sold to the public will be made public later in the month, the CEO said that an organization announcement affecting DC will be made next week. Many have speculated that this announcement will at the very least involve if not confirm the rumor that Warner Bros. would bring DC's comics production unit fully to its Burbank headquarters. The possibility was last brought up (and summarily sidestepped) around Comic-Con International in San Diego.

CBR News has heard from many people close to DC that the idea of an LA move, while speculated for months, has seen increased chatter in the past week. Aside from the considerations surrounding a dedicated staff of New Yorkers who have worked to make DC's comics for years, the publisher has a number of important relationships and responsibilities tied to the East Coast, not the least of which is their crucial book store distribution agreement with New York publishing giant Random House and the office space currently used at 1700 Broadway. All of these considerations would come under scrutiny in regards to a move whether the entire publishing unit or only parts of the company from editorial to sales to production might be headed out West.

Ultimately, the only people who know for sure what will become of DC Comics next week are the upper echelons of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment management. The rest of us will have to wait for official news from on high.

Until then, keep it locked to CBR for all the latest updates on DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and the future of some of the world's most recognizable icons.

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