What would happen if Quicksilver ran by you? The Muppets are on the case

In a bit of corporate synergy, Muppets Gonzo, Rizzo, Beaker and Constantine give a promotional boost to Avengers: Age of Ultron with cameos in this latest video from Vsauce, which tackles the question of what would happen if Quicksilver simply ran past you.

It turns out that, for all of his volatility, the Incredible Hulk may not be the most destructive Avenger. Or, I don't know, maybe he is, but "Hulk smash!" may be preferable to what happens when you're caught in Quicksilver's wake.

Running at a speed of 11,146 feet per second, he'd create a column of superheated air that, at 752 degrees Fahrenheit, would transform the blood of anyone standing within inches of him into a supercritical fluid, which would ooze out of your body. If you weren't close enough to suffer that fate, you'd still more than likely be killed by his path of destruction, with debris traveling through the air at such high speeds that they'd kill anyone unlucky enough to be walking by.

In short, the best bet for everyone -- including the Avengers themselves -- may be for Quicksilver to kick back, relax, and sit out the next few decades.

Watch the video below, and don't miss the nods to other, presumably equally fatal, speedsters.

(via Uproxx)

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