What will the success of Wanted lead to?

The adaptation of Mark Millar and JG Jones' Wanted comic book series was a massive success this past weekend, crushing the previous record for the opening of an R-rated film.

Now, certainly, this is quite good news for Mark Millar, and congratulations to him, but outside of Millar (who already seems to have the ear of film producers with his work, as seen as Kick Ass already being adapted into film), who else does this news affect?

Hollywood is usually known for seeing a success and wanting to copy said success, unless said success is deemed to be a total fluke (i.e. no flood of Sister Act knock-offs, despite the success of both Sister Act films).

So do you think that the success of Wanted will help other independent comic book properties?

Or do you think that the success of Wanted will either A. be considered a fluke or B. lead to original film properties done in the style of Wanted, as opposed to checking out more independent comic book properties?

What independent comic book properties do you think would work best given the big screen approach?

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