What We Do in the Shadows Werewolf Spinoff Still in the Works

What we do in the shadows

With What We Do in the Shadows set to debut on FX this March, co-creator Taika Waititi said in an interview promoting the upcoming TV series that he and co-creator Jermaine Clement are still interested in expanding the universe that began in the 2014 film of the same name, particularly with a spin-off focused on a group of werewolves.

“We always had plans to make another movie," said Waititi according to Deadline. “But other things, Thor [Ragnarok], got in the way, of our plans to make a werewolf movie and we keep talking about that.”

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In the What We Do in the Shadows film, the vampires which included Clement and Waititi are seen having a rivalry with a local group of werewolves. The two monster factions taunt each other with stereotypical insults in passing, even though Rhys Darby' Anton, the werewolves' alpha, memorably reminded his fellow lycanthropes that they were “Werewolves, not swear-wolves.”

After the vampires and their human allies interrupt the pack during a transformation night, the subsequent attack transforms their friend Stu into a werewolf which helps reconcile the differences between the hilarious supernatural creatures.

The spin-off is planned to expand upon the lives of the werewolves featured and elaborate on their daily lives, most likely in a similar mockumentary style.

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Since it has been confirmed the movie and the TV show both take place in the same universe,  the 10-episode series about four vampires living in Staten Island could feature a similar vampire-werewolf rivalry or see cameos from established characters. Hopefully, the werewolves will remember to wear their track suit pants in case of the full moon that night.

Arriving Wednesday, March 27 on FX, What We Do in the Shadows stars Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Matt Berry, Harvey Guillen and Doug Jones. Taika Waititi will direct the series and co-produce alongside Jemaine Clement, Scott Rudin, Paul Simms and Garrett Basch.

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