What We Do in the Shadows: Colin Robinson Is About to Be Your Favorite Vampire

What We Do in the Shadow's Colin Robinson isn't your average vampire. He is what's known as an "energy vampire," a new breed that feeds off of others -- including his fellow vampires -- by boring or enraging them. Unlike his roommates Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo, Colin is a daywalker -- and, since he doesn't have to fear sunlight, that means he can hold down a day job. After all, what better hunting ground for an energy vampire than an office? Maybe you've even met one in your lifetime.

Speaking to CBR, Colin actor Mark Proksch offered some insight into what it's like to be an energy vampire. He teased his status as an "outsider" to the other vampires and why he's happy that he doesn't have to play by the same rules. He also discussed how his past office experiences influenced his take on the character, if Colin gets in on the vampire action, his attitude towards werewolves and more.

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CBR: What is your favorite part of playing Colin Robinson?

Proksch: My favorite part of playing Colin is being kind of the outsider to the other vampires and getting to be a little bit more flexible with the rules than what they have to deal with. They can't go in the sunlight. And so, for me, I get to play on that with them and tease them about that here and there and annoy them. I mean, that's the main that I think is funny for my character, is annoying them.

My takeaway with Colin is that he has kind of a lonely existence. Are we going to see him develop any attachments?

I don't think that's in him, to get a groove with anyone in particular. I do think he's lonely. You know, that's his curse, is that he only gets what his nutrients for life through boring people and sucking their energy. We're able to play with that in and out a little bit, and so some relationships here and there develop, but overall it's interesting. I think, by the end, by the last couple episodes, people's view of Colin's relationship with everyone will change from the pilot.

Do you have a favorite one in particular that you're excited for fans to see?

I can't go into it. I do, but I can't go into it. They'll know what it is when they see it. I think people will really think it's funny and good.

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What was it like to develop what a psychic vampire is and how you see those powers come into play?

Yeah! I mean, I feel like I'm lucky that he wasn't in the movie because I would hate to be compared to someone who's already probably perfected that role. [laughs] I mean, as far as how he's come about, you know, I used to work in offices back in my 20s and so I feel like I've known so many people that just, everyday they stop by your cubicle and drain your energy with their mundane stories and sad sack existences, to the point where -- especially when they're the new person in the office -- they're like, 'Oh, here's fresh meat.' That is definitely something that carries over into how I play Colin. If someone new comes into my office, it's like my spider web, you know? And I drain them as soon as I can.

Jemaine Clement has a very particular vision and set of rules for his vampires. Did he have any pointers for you?

He really gave me tons of space with it. You know, they said they liked the audition and so I kind of just stuck with that. The thing I always have to be reminded of is that I'm actually feeding on these people and so, when I walk away, my eyes have to be big and my mouth open to show that I've fed off them, but really they've been great with letting me really get my feet underneath me as far as the character is concerned. I would absolutely welcome any tweaks or notes, but I think it's new to them too, this character, and so they've given me the freedom to really develop it.

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When we spoke to the stunt coordinator, he mentioned wire work and other action, but Colin isn't like the other vampires. Did you get to participate in any of that?

There's a couple scenes where I have some stunts and it's really fun because you see the full power that Colin has when those stunts happen and occur. But yeah, you wouldn't think he would get many interesting moments to float or fly or do anything like that, but we do -- we have a couple fun things in there.

What does Colin think of werewolves?

Oh, Colin -- he pretends that he doesn't know they exist, I think, to piss off the blood-sucking vampires. So yeah, I think that's how he feels about them. I think, to him, they're harmless.

Arriving Wednesday, March 27 at 10 pm ET/PT on FX, What We Do in the Shadows stars Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Matt Berry, Harvey Guillen and Doug Jones. Taika Waititi will direct the series and co-produce alongside Jemaine Clement, Scott Rudin, Paul Simms and Garrett Basch.

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