What Was the Point of the "Big Event" of Action Comics #870?

Depending on whether you read today's New York Daily News, you do not know the big thing that happened in Action Comics #870. If you have not, well, spoilers follow!

Okay, so Pa Kent died in Action Comics #870 after suffering a heart attack following his saving Ma Kent from an attack by Brainiac. It is quite similar to how the Jonathan Kent character died on the TV series, Smallville.

So, what I was wondering was - what do you think was the impetus for this decision?

Was it to coincide with Smallville?

To (sorta) coincide with old school Superman stories (Golden/Silver Age plus the Donner films)?

To coincide with Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America #0, which shows the aftermath of Pa Kent's death in the "future" (now, apparently, the present)?

Or do you think writer Geoff Johns came up with the idea independently, because he thought it worked well for the story in question?

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