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What Was The Only Thing Keeping Superman From Marrying Supergirl?

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What Was The Only Thing Keeping Superman From Marrying Supergirl?

In every installment of “If I Pass This Way Again,” we look at odd comic book plot points that were rarely (sometimes NEVER!) mentioned again after they were first introduced.

Yesterday, I did a list about superheroes who slept with opposite sex versions of themselves. One of the instances was Peter David’s Supergirl, who was a merger between the alien known as Matrix and the human Linda Danvers. You might notice that neither of those two elements have any connection to Superman, so when that Supergirl ended up in an alternate reality, she had no problems pursuing a relationship with Superman. They got married and even had a kid. My pal, Robert, was creeped out by that idea and I told him that if he thinks THAT’s creepy, then I would have a little something even crazier for him!

All said and done, “Superman’s Super-Courtship!” from 1962’s Action Comics #289 (by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney, part of Siegel’s tremendous return to the Superman titles in 1959 where he did the best work of his career for DC during the early 1960s, writing some of the all-time greatest Superman issues) is a great story. I featured it years ago in I Love Ya But You’re Strange, because as good as it is, it definitely is a strange, strange story.

The concept of the story is that Supergirl feels bad for Superman being so lonely, so she decides to match him up with some of the most beautiful women in history through some time travel. However, hilarious hi jinks screw everything up. Eventually, Supergirl actually succeeds when she finds a Superwoman on another planet and Superman falls for her heed over heels, but sadly it did not work out, either and Supergirl finally learns her lesson…

But now we get into the creepy territory. The reason Supergirl picked this particular woman? Because she was basically just a version of HERSELF!!

Yep, Superman’s perfect girl was basically just a duplicate of his teen cousin!

Even odder, Superman just flat out TELLS Supergirl this, while explaining, though, that they can’t get married for a very good reason. Is it because she’s a teenager? Or because she’s your first cousin? Nope, because of the laws of a planet that exploded decades earlier!!

“I’d be all OVER you if it weren’t for this old law. Sorry.”

As you might expect, this did not exactly come up a lot in the future.

If anyone else has a suggestion for If I Pass This Way Again, drop me a line at!

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