What Was the Last GREAT Story Written by Stan Lee?

Taking another look at the classic Silver Surfer #4 by Stan Lee and the Buscema brothers (which I just featured in a Year of Cool Comics), which came out at the end of 1968, it made me think, "Wow, was that one of the last GREAT Stan Lee-written stories? It came out soon before he left Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, so it is certainly the end of his 'Golden Age, but how many great comics did he have after this one?"

I don't think even Lee would really quibble much with the notion that his very best work was done in the 1960s, but he has done plenty of good work since then.

But when you think of GREAT Stan Lee stories - what was the most recent one that you can think of?

This isn't some sort of veiled shot at the guy - I'm honestly curious as to hear your answers (and for the sake of this exercise, I'm counting anything that he was credited as the writer of, whether you think his artist/plotter deserves more credit for the story or not - we can leave those debates for another discussion).

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