What TV Show Needs To Get The Holiday Spirit?

With holiday episodes of Eureka, Warehouse 13, Glee and Community amongst many others airing this week, here's a very simple question: What television show would you want to see have a seasonal special?

I admit, as far as holiday specials of regular television shows go, I'd almost always point to Doctor Who as a show that does it right, taking time out of its regular season to offer up plots that are sentimental, ridiculous and just plain fun to watch (It looks like Syfy's Tuesday night double bill of Warehouse and Eureka follows this formula, with both happening outside of the regular seasons in seemingly stand-alone, continuity-light episodes), and maybe that shapes my taste in shows I'd want to see spread festive cheer: Leverage (which has a holiday episode next week, I think?), White Collar, Fringe... I'd suggest The Venture Bros, but they've already done one way back in the first season. But what about you, dear readers? What shows would be on your wishlist to TV Santa? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and maybe, if you've been good this year, your wish may come true in 2011...

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