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What SF Movies Should Gain That Third Dimension Next?

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
What SF Movies Should Gain That Third Dimension Next?

Now that Star Wars has finally come out of the 3D closet – confirming a rumor that’s been around, literally, for years – it’s gotten me thinking. No, not about how badly our childhoods are going to be raped by another SW re-release (Am I really the only person who’s looking forward to seeing the movies in 3D?), but about which other movies need a 3D upgrade.

It’s fair to say that sci-fi is a the next genre, after horror, that deserves to take full advantage of the 3D phenomenon: What other movies have effects and/or things coming straight at the camera so often as to take advantage of the third cinematic dimension (No, Titanic really doesn’t count: Who really wants to see Kate Winslet’s hand slamming that car window right in front of your face?)? And, if Avatar has broken new ground, seeing Star Wars getting translated properly – Surely even the cynics will be able to agree that there’s going to be no corners cut when it comes to getting those movies upgraded? – will take that ground and build not only a small camp but a permanent, enormous, never-going-to-move city on top of it. So, assuming that Star Wars will just open floodgates to a flood of old movies gaining new life as well as a new dimension, what movies should be next to get those upgrades?

The obvious candidates, for me, are the Alien movies – Just imagine the crazy phallic tongue speeding towards your terrified face! – but there’s something dissatisfying about that… Maybe because they’re all essentially horror films in SF clothing, and I want something that is more about the visual spectacle and excitement and less about the scares? It’s not as obvious, but the movies I’d really want to see get the 3D treatment would be the Back To The Future trilogy. It’s hard to really explain why beyond saying “Dude! Just imagine how awesome the flying DeLorean would look in 3D!” – although, come on, just picture that – but there’s something about Back To The Future, about how pulpy and fun and filled with eye candy (Especially the second one) the movies are that makes me think that they’re exactly the kind of movie I want to watch in 3D – Something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and just wants to entertain and, maybe possibly, dazzle when you’re least expecting it.

But I’m getting away from the point with my own ideas, when what I want are yours: What movies deserve the 3D treatment and why? The comments are waiting for your selections, people.

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