What Other Shows On Marvel's List Deserve To Be Made?

One of the most interesting things about the news about Marvel TV's first two series was the revelation of a list that was given by Marvel to ABC executives of possible series adapting Marvel concepts. Hulk and Cloak & Dagger got selected, but what about the other ones? To use a familiar Marvel refrain, U DECIDE!

The Hollywood Reporter had the following series on the Marvel-produced list alongside the Hulk:

• Heroes for Hire (Centering around Luke Cage, sans Iron Fist)• The Eternals (Focusing on the Kirby backstory of superpowered beings living amongst us in secret inspiring historical myths, rather than any more recent revival)• Agents of Atlas (The Jeff Parker revival version)• Alter Ego (A retitled version of Brian Michael Bendis' Alias)• Moon Knight (No idea which version of Marvel's Batman rip-off)• The Hood (Focused more on the Brian K. Vaughan original series than the character's latter development in the Avengers books)• Ka-Zar (Taking the character out of the Savage Land, for budgetary reasons as well as that ever-popular fish-out-of-water dynamic)• Daughters of the Dragon (The classic Misty Knight/Colleen Wing combo)• The Punisher (Come on, it's the Punisher)

Interesting to see that they're definitely focusing on more "street-level" characters, which seems sensible in order to save on cost and embarrassing effects. Personally, I would've loved to have seen Heroes for Hire, Agents of Atlas or Alter Ego out of that line-up - or, ideally, a Daughters of the Dragon series with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as back-up, but that might just be me - but which of the above shows do you think would hold the best potential for a long-running series? And who would you like to see star in them?

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