What Other Movies Or TV Shows Deserve Their Own Theme Parks?

This weekend sees the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a new theme park devoted entirely to JK Rowling's boy wizard and his assorted moneymaking friends. Now, I'm not really a theme park kind of guy - I think a trip to Disney World when I was a teenager was enough for me, to be honest - but I can't help but wonder: What other successful movies deserve their own theme parks?

I'm sure that Disney has lots of theme park plans for the Marvel characters if and when they ever get free of the Universal contract, but would you be tempted by an Invincible Lab of Iron Man, filled with giant threatening robots and Scarlett Johanssen lookalikes in tight black jumpsuits (On second thought, maybe you should keep your answer to yourself on that last one)? What about a trip to Gotham City Land, where you'd get mugged at least three times within your first hour - but it's all part of the experience? Or perhaps you'd be more partial to visiting a giant recreation of Star Trek's Starfleet Academy, where fun is the only educational requirement? I think you can see where I'm going with this, but instead of me coming up with all manner of ridiculous taglines (But let's face it: The Starfleet Academy one is kind of awesome), I want to hear your ideas - What theme parks would you want to see, and why?

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