What not to do on Facebook

Some manga publishers do social media very well. Others don't. Kodansha Comics took forever to even put up a website (and the one they have is pretty bare-bones—I think they just added a "News" section this week), and they told fans at San Diego Comic-Con that they expected to have Facebook and Twitter accounts by the end of the year—hardly an ambitious schedule. So an impatient fan has done it for them, creating a Kodansha USA fan page on Facebook, complete with logo and the note "I'm hoping if we can make a good fan page it will inspire the real Kodansha Comics USA will make one for them self."

The only thing worse than having no Facebook page, of course, is having a bad one. When Tokyopop shut down earlier this year, they redirected the Tokyopop.com URL to their Facebook, which is now populated mainly by teenagers asking plaintively for the next volume of their favorite series. Which, the other teenagers sharply tell them, is not forthcoming (although there's someone who wants to take up a collection and restart the company). Anyway, under the circumstances, it seems to be in rather bad taste to post pictures of Tokyopop's booth at the German anime con Connichi. Most of the responses to the pictures are along the lines of "Come back to the U.S., Tokyopop!" but one Ryk Holm expressed the disgruntled fan point of view: "Hey, thanks for leavin' me hangin' with unfinished titles. Then your gonna post shit here to show me what you are still doin' elsewhere. No thanks."

In the same spirit as the Kodansha fan, someone has posted a link to a Gakuen Alice scanlation site on Tokyopop's Facebook page so at least those fans can read it for themselves. Too bad Tokyopop doesn't have someone monitoring the page to catch things like this...

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