What Movies Get Internet Stolen The Most?

What would you think would be the most pirated movie of the summer? Iron Man 2, perhaps? Inception? Surprisingly, the answer is Sex and The City 2. No, really.

The Hollywood Reporter's THR Esq. blog has a list of the top ten most torrented movies recently, and it's definitely not what you would expect:

1. "Sex and the City 2"2. "Operation Endgame"3. "The Ghost Rider"4. "Inception" (cam)5. "Clash of the Titans"6. "The Last Song"7. "Kick-Ass"7. "The Yes-Men Fix the World"8. "The Bounty Hunter"9. "Toy Story 3" (TC)10. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

Seriously, Iron Man 2 isn't on there at all, but Clash of The Titans is?!? That either means that Marvel is on top of their bootlegs, or that bootleggers have no taste.

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