What Might've Been: A Look At Those Wonder Woman Shorts

Perhaps NBC and Warner Bros. Television should've taken it as a sign when, back in March, the first look at star Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was met with a chorus of howls. Like Jim Lee's comic-book redesign before it, this updated outfit was criticized for, among others things, dropping the superheroine's classic star-spangled shorts in favor of pants.

Fans were later assured by NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt that Palicki would wear iconic short-shorts in the pilot episode. Alas, the network passed on David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman revival, leaving many wondering what might've been.

Well, wonder no more: Courtesy of WonderboyLB and the Wonder Woman TV fansite comes our first, and possibly only, look at Palicki in star-spangled booty shorts that make Lynda Carter's look like granny panties. They're so tiny they make her oddly constructed belt look like a Themysciran fanny pack.

There's still an outside chance we could see Palicki, and that costume, on television -- although Warner Bros. Television doesn't appear to be in a rush to shop the pilot to other networks. "I’m just not sure yet; we haven’t given it a lot of thought," CEO Peter Roth told The Hollywood Reporter.

Asked how it feels not to see Wonder Woman on NBC's schedule, Roth responded: "I think Wonder Woman was a very well crafted pilot. But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with [NBC Entertainment Chairman] Bob [Greenblatt] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea -- and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it."

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