What Marvel Legacy's Major Returns Mean For The Marvel Universe


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1, out now.

Since it was announced, Marvel Legacy #1 has been hyped by the publisher as a comic that will bring back a major fan-favorite character in a story designed to shape the future of the Marvel Universe. Sounds simple enough, right?

Speculation was rampant, with fans theorizing the return of everyone from from Mar-Vell to Miracleman, and more. Was it The Sentry? Was it Jean Grey? Was it Uncle Ben? The Marvel Universe is packed full of fan-favorite characters that would shock the world with their return, but in the end it turned out that the biggest shock was that Marvel brought back not only brought back one beloved character but also teased the return even more.

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The biggest reveal, which was announced ahead of time on Monday, was that Logan, the regular age Wolverine who died several years ago after losing his healing factor, was once again alive and by the end of the story, in posession of an Infinity Stone. That’s not where the issue ends however, as in an epilogue we discovered that the narrator of the entire issue was in fact Valeria Richards, homesick from being away from the Marvel Universe and more than ready to return home with her family.


Wolverine’s return to the Marvel Universe has major implications, whether you factor in his posession of the Infinity Stone or not. There are currently at least two people living up to the mantle of Wolverine in the Marvel Universe currently — Laura Kinney and Old Man Logan — and surely both of them will be very interested in his return. As will his son Daken who has recently flirted with being more of a hero than he ever was before, and his lover Storm who has been rekindling her romance with the Black Panther since Wolverine’s death but his return will likely throw a spanner into those works. And that's all before we even get to the appearance of the son of Wolverine's Ultimate Universe counterpart, Jimmy Hudson, who has become a series regular in X-Men Blue.

That’s not to mention the adult Jean Grey who is also returning this year in her own miniseries. Logan and Jean Grey have a long history together that has always been complicated by the presence of Scott Summers, but with the adult Scott Summer deceased and Logan and Jean alive, there’s nothing stopping them finally giving into their long-held passions and finally making a go of it as a couple without the distractions or obstacles that have been in there way before.


There’s also the question of how Logan is alive again. When he died, he had lost his healing factor and was smothered under molten liquid adamantium, but in Marvel Legacy #1 we see the young Jean Grey visit his memorial to find that adamantium shell has been cut open from within and now lies empty. When we see Logan, he’s working as a truck driver so it seems that he’s been back long enough to get a job but recently enough that the X-Men are only just finding out about it.

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Then there’s the Infinity Stone. The one which Logan acquires towards the end of Marvel Legacy #1 is colored blue, which implies that it would be the Mind Stone. However, things are different now and the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe are now Stones like in the movies and not Gems like they always have been in the comics. It’s a small difference, but in the movies the Infinity Stones don’t always share colors with the Gems from the comics and the blue Infinity Stone is the Space Stone, represented by the Tesseract. Time will tell just which Infinity Stone is in Logan’s possession, but while he has tried to stay off the grid since his resurrection, everyone in the universe will be gunning for him when they discover he has the Stone.

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