What is Up with DC and Unannounced Changes?

My friend blogger David Uzumeri has complained about DC changing the creative teams on books without announcing it before at the Savage Critics, but he's compiled a great list of some of their unannounced changes in January alone over on Funnybook Babylon today. Looking at that list, I've got to wonder as well about why DC continually does this. It's bait and switch business practices and it's shameful. And, as David points out in that first link, the comics are made returnable, but that still means a lot of inconvenience for retailers and consumers who find themselves suddenly with a product that doesn't match the description promised. It reminds me of when I was a member of Columbia House's CD club and they had their selection of the month items. I would go alone and tell them I didn't want that month's selection, because otherwise they'd send it to you. Except, a good two-thirds of the time, they'd send it anyway, probably in the hope that I would just be too lazy to send it back and purchase the damn thing. I complained and their response was to tell me that in addition to refusing the selection on their website, I should also e-mail them each time and tell them that I didn't want it. So I quit. I did enjoy buying CDs from them and had given them a decent amount of money in the time I was a member, but, now, you couldn't pay me to go back because of their horrible customer service. And, honestly, every time David goes on Twitter and mentions another example of DC doing this, I'm tempted to simply walk away from them, too. They are supposed to be professionals and this isn't professional behaviour. It's amateurish bait and switch bullshit. Other companies make announcement when their products change, but not DC... why?

Edit: David updated his post to also include Marvel's changes for the month as well to show a comparison between the two companies. DC had 14 changes, 12 of them unannounced. Marvel had 12 changes, eight unannounced officially since one was mentioned on Brian Michael Bendis's Twitter account. So, I guess Marvel isn't much better either this month. Though, it's worth noting how many of DC unannounced changes are replacements, not the addition of co-artists whereas that's what the majority of Marvel's are. That's still not good, but I think we can all agree that a completely different writer and/or artist is a bigger change that another artist drawing some of the book alongside the solicited artist.

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