What is Marvel's 'Share Your Universe'?

When the art for Joshua Hale Fialkov and Leonard Kirk's "Hunger" was released earlier today, the Adi Granov-illustrated covers had a slightly different treatment from what we've seen since the publisher's Marvel NOW! initiative launched. Nestled in the red band at the bottom of the cover is the phrase "Share Your Universe," positioned directly next to the now-familiar "Bonus Digital Edition" bug.

With Marvel referring to its online Fan Network as "Your Universe" for some time now, and the word "share" is linked to various social networking mediums, the possibility also exists that the publisher is gearing up to launch its own social media network. Of course, the phrase's proximity to the digital comics logo could give fans the impression that the House of Ideas may be actively encouraging those who buy print copies of their purchases to share the codes with other readers.

When approached by ROBOT 6, Marvel was tightlipped about the new cover addition, simply stating, "As some press noticed in a recent retailer update, Share Your Universe is something important that we're announcing in July."

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