What is Mark Millar's "Huck"?

Writer Mark Millar has dropped a teaser for a brand-new Millarworld series titled "Huck," reports ComicBook.com.

The project has been teased for some time, but the new image promises that answers are forthcoming at Image Expo on Thursday, July 2.

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According to Millar, he has a number of new books planned for release over the next year, with sequels in the works for "Starlight," "Chrononauts," "American Jesus," and "Nemesis."

"["American Jesus" and "Nemesis Returns"] are mostly written, the other stuff being done as of next week when I write the final issue of HUCK, which you'll hear more about first week in July," said Millar in a statement on Millarworld. Without providing many details on "Huck," he then went on to call it "probably the best thing I've ever done."

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