What Is James Cameron's Mystery Project?

Don't hold your breath waiting for a return trip to Pandora, as director James Cameron says he might film a different movie before diving back into the world of "Avatar."

"There's a possibility I might make another film on a different subject in the meantime, because that's a big commitment of time for me," Cameron told KTLA 5 Morning News earlier this week. "I haven't said anything about this publicly yet. It's a film that I've been working on kind of on and off over the years, just the writing. It might be something that I do first, or it might be something I do after that. I haven't really mapped it all out yet."

It's not clear if this film is an entirely new project or something that Cameron has already teased in the past, such as "Battle Angel Alita." Either way, it sounds as if Cameron's planned back-to-back "Avatar" sequels aren't going to move forward for quite some time.

"I think three years would be the minimum, probably more like four from where we're sitting right now," he estimated.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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