What I'm reading: <i>Sacrament</i>, <i>Essential PPTSSM</i> volume 1

Spring Break Edition!*

You may wonder what I'm doing with my Clive Barker run recently. Well, I read my books in alphabetical order by author, so I read a short story collection and then moved on to Sacrament. In my comics collection, I'm slowly moving through it, and I have them ordered in alphabetical order by title, so after Human Target, I went through The Huntress and then Hyperkind. Hyperkind, by the way, is terrible. I honestly can't remember how I got these issues, because I know I didn't buy them. Someone gave them to me, but I don't remember who. So that's why I am in a Clive Barker kind of place right now. And if you think that I'm a tremendous geek not because I organize my books in alphabetical order by author but because I read them that way, please consider: I have over 300 books that I have not read yet. Given my reading speed, I reckon that means it will take me 25-30 years to get to them all. And, because I'm a book geek, I keep buying more. About ten years ago, I noticed I was buying books and reading them immediately, leaving behind books I hadn't read yet. So I forced myself to read books in alphabetical order by author so I don't miss any. I break my own rule occasionally, but I've gone through the alphabet twice and now I'm back in the "B"s, so there you go. Sacrament is a neat little book in the Barker vein - there's something very weird going on, but it's not outright horror (at least not yet - I'm about 170 pages in). It's about a wildlife photographer who, when he was a kid, got involved with an apparently immortal couple, one of whom (the man) is on a mission to kill the last of every species of animal. It's somewhat creepy.

As for the Essential volume, I finally broke down and bought it. It's filled with fun Spider-Man comics, with the Tarantula in the first few issues saying "Keel him" when he sees Peter and "Peeg" when he sees the cops. I'm only a few issues in (I'm up to #6). I love old-school Spider-Man comics, because the bad guys are so incidental - it's all about Peter's soap opera life! Marvel is finally printing a ninth volume of Essential Amazing Spider-Man, so look for it soon!

What's on your reading list this week?

* If you live in the school district of Mesa, Arizona, of course.

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