What I'm reading - <i>Portland Noir</i>; <i>The More Than Complete Action Philosophers!</i>

There's nothing cooler than reading!

I bought Portland Noir last year at San Diego because there's a Jamie Rich/Joëlle Jones story in it (and Rich signed it for me), but I also love Portland, as I've mentioned before, so this is a fun book. I've only read a couple of stories, but so far they're less totally noir-ish and more just crime-ish. But they're still pretty keen, and it's fun to read about places I recognize. There's a whole series of these books, from the original (set in Brooklyn) to plenty of foreign places (Istanbul, Dublin, Trinidad) to my current city, Phoenix (which I believe has come out already; it's listed as "forthcoming" in the front of the book). See if your city is represented!

I'm also slowly reading The More Than Complete Action Philosophers!, which is quite awesome. I'm reading it slowly because I've already read it, so there's no hurry. I haven't figured out which stories are new, however, because I haven't gone back to the single issues and compared and contrasted. There are new stories, though - so swears the advertising! The interesting thing about the compilation is that it's in chronological order, which the original issues were not. So some of the stories are much older than the one before or after it, and you can actually see Ryan Dunlavey get more confident as he goes along. If you've ever wondered why Brian loves Fred van Lente so much but don't feel like giving money to an evil corporate entity like Marvel, pick this sucker up. It's hilarious AND edumacational!

What are y'all reading this week? Enquiring minds want to know!

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