What I'm reading - <i>Metropol</i>, <i>Abarat</i>

Monday means reading!

This week I'm cruising through the third big thick hardcover in Image's "Ted McKeever Library," this one collecting all twelve issues of Metropol and the three issues of Metropol A. D. (and no, I don't know how to put the macron over the "o," so don't expect it) They're very odd comics, to say the least, but it's interesting to see how much better both his art and writing got over the course of these early series (from Transit to Eddy Current to this). It's an exciting series, too, as angels battle demons in a decaying urban landscape. I've finished the main series and have just started reading Metropol A. D., so I'm looking forward to getting through that.

In the prose area of my reading life, I have begun my final Clive Barker book, Abarat. Candy Quackenbush lives in Chickentown, Minnesota, the most boring town in the United States, but one day she runs from school and discovers a strange world out in the prarie. I just got to the part where she magically conjures the world of the Abarat (an archipelago of islands each named for a time of day) and escapes into it with John Mischief after they escape from Mendelson Shape. It's a fine adventurous book so far, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it. It features paintings by Barker, too, which makes it even more fun to read.

What's tickling your imaginations today?

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