What I'm reading - <i>For the Thrill of It</i>, <i>The Age of the Sentry!</i>

Let's exercise our minds!

It's been a while since I did this, mainly because I wasn't reading much and I was on vacation for a week. But now I'm back! I just started Simon Baatz's For the Thrill of It: Leopold, Loeb, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz Age Chicago, and by "just started" I mean it: I've read the preface. I don't know much about the Leopold and Loeb case except for the very basics, and as you know, I dig potboiling history like this, so I'm looking forward to it. I've seen a movie based on the Leopold and Loeb case, but it's not Hitchcock's Rope, as you might expect. It's Tom Kalin's Swoon, which I saw back when I had more time to see all kinds of odd movies, and Swoon is an odd movie. It plays up the homosexual aspects of the case more than Rope (or so I've heard), which isn't surprising, as Kalin is gay. It's worth checking out, even with all the weirdness going on (and that's not to say it's explicit, as it's not; it's just weird).

I'm plowing my way through a bunch of graphic novels and trade paperbacks, some of which will get reviewed right here on this site and some that won't. I just finished the third volume of the Daredevil Visionaries series, finishing up Frank Miller's first run on the title, the seventh volume of Dark Horse's Conan series, and now I'm reading Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin's curious mini-series, The Age of the Sentry. I'm not sure what to think of it, two issues in. I certainly don't love it as much as Chris Sims, whose rather ridiculous quote on the back is "The new apex of the art form, to which all others must be compared and, almost inevitably, fall short." Mr. Sims enjoys his hyperbole, as anyone who's read his blog knows (and I love his blog - not as much as Brad Curran does, but he loves it in a really unhealthy way - seriously, Brad, seek help), so I don't take his review of this too seriously, but it's still an interesting comic so far. It seems like Parker and Tobin are trying a bit too hard, you know? But it's certainly enjoyable!

What's on your summer reading list? Are you taking Sue Grafton's latest to the beach? 'Fess up, it's okay! We're all friends here!

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