What I'm reading - <i>Daredevil</i>, <i>The Batman Chronicles</i>

Turn off that television! Let's read!

Having finished my Clive Barker novel last night, I was reluctant to start the next Barker novel (one more to go!), so I figured I'd dig into some comics. Recently my comics shoppe had a dollar sale, and I picked up the brief J. M. DeMatteis run on Daredevil (issues #344-350), plus the Warren Ellis issue that preceded it. I read the Ellis issue, but not the rest. I also have barely cracked volume seven of The Batman Chronicles. The first issue in this volume is Detective Comics #66, which is the first appearance of Two-Face! That is, District Attorney Harvey Kent. Yes, Kent. Would I lie? What's interesting about this story is that Harvey is told only one man can repair his face - but he visited Germany (in 1942?) and was thrown in a concentration camp. Seriously. It's not surprising that tidbit has been retconned out of Harvey's origin. He's not married, either - but his fiancée is named Gilda. She's a sculptress, so Harvey's ugliness really upsets her. Again, seriously. The Batman Chronicles, as I've mentioned before, is a fantastic idea - reprinting all the Batman stories in the order they were published. They are wonderful relics from the so-called Golden Age of Comics. DC is doing the same thing with Superman, which is cool too (although I don't like Superman as much, so I don't buy those). If you have any love for the Caped Crusader at all, you should be reading these volumes.

Pray tell - what are you perusing today?

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