What I'm reading - <i>Arthur &amp; George</i>, <i>Tripwire Superhero Special 2009</i>

It's Opening Day (even though there was a game last night)! Let's celebrate by ignoring baseball altogether and doing some reading!

Having completed my journey through my unread Cliver Barker books, I've moved on to Arthur & George, Julian Barnes' 2005 novel. I've been a fan of Barnes for years, since I read A History of the World in 10½ Chapters, which remains one of my favorite novels. Barnes has a quirky kind of style that seems, when you start reading it, a bit flat, but becomes more and more engaging as you go along. So if you've ever bailed on a Barnes novel, don't! I'm fifty pages into Arthur & George, and it's keen so far. It's the story of some bloke named Arthur Conan Doyle, who invented a detective you may have heard about, and George Edalji, an Anglicized Indian who, early on in this book, faces some typical discrimination from his "real" English neighbors. The novel tells of the friendship between these two men over a court case, but I don't know what happened and refuse to do any research into it, because I don't want anything to be spoiled! So don't tell me. It's a cool book so far.

I've also been reading the latest issue of Tripwire. In case you're interested, Tripwire is a rather excellent comics magazine that used to come out regularly, but recently has slacked off. They're still publishing big honkin' huge issues every so often, and this one focuses on superheroes, which they don't often do. It's basically what Wizard wishes it would be. There's stuff on Watchmen, the making of Kick-Ass (the movie), the current state of Marvel and DC, Rich Johnston, the Golden Age, the 15 most important superhero graphic novels ever, Mark Waid, and Heroes. Sure, some of the interviews are a bit fluffy, but that is, unfortunately, kind of the way things are with comics journalism. Still, there are some nice nuggets coming from Dan DiDio that explain some things about the way DC is going. And the story about Kick-Ass is also kind of interesting, even if there's no way I'm going to see it (if it finds a distributer, which it hasn't yet). I'll have to "review" this issue soon, because it's kind of fun.

And what are you perusing as you pretend that sports don't exist?

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