What I'm reading - a grip of graphic novels; a clutch of comic books!

Yeah, I skipped this last week. I'm still reading my book on the Spanish Civil War, and last week I reading little else, so I figured I'd just skip it. But even though I'm still reading my book, I decided to dive into the stack of comics I have to read!

Essential Amazing Spider-Man volume 9 came out last week (finally!). Why it took so long is beyond me. It contains issues #186-210, Annuals #13-14, and the first annual of Spectacular Spider-Man. I've been zipping through that, and just reached the issue where Aunt May dies. Don't spoil how she comes back to life - I'm betting on an ill-considered bargain with Satan! As always with these old-school Spidey stories, they're quite fun, although Peter really seems to be bipolar more than he was earlier in his life. In one panel, he's happy that DA Tower is no longer pursuing him for the murder of Captain Stacy and that companies want to pay him merchandising fees, and in the very next panel, he's wallowing in self-pity again. Sheesh, Peter, deal with it!

I wrote about the stack of graphic novels and collected editions I've bought recently. Some I will review here, some I won't. I've read some of these, and some I have yet to get to:

Ace-Face: The Mod With the Metal Arms by Mike Dawson.

Blazing Combat by Archie Godwin and a bunch of excellent artists (olde-tyme war comics!).

Blinded by Steve Ross (the story of Paul the Apostle).

Britton and Brülightly by Hannah Berry (I cannot wait to read this).

Desperadoes Omnibus by Jeff Mariotte and a bunch of artists, including John Cassaday, John Severin, and Jeremy Haun.

Eden volume 6 by Hiroki Endo.

The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim.

Fantastic Four: True Story by Paul Cornell and Horacio Domingues (a trifle, but an enjoyable trifle).

Gantz volume 2 by Hiroya Oku (I wasn't blown away by volume 1, but it was good enough for me to get the next one).

Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea by Seiichi Morimura and Nakaba Higurashi (Mongol manga!).

The History of the West Wing by Sun Jiayu and Guo Guo.

I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets by Fletcher Hanks (absolutely insane).

Last Exit Before Toll by Neal Shaffer and Christopher Mitten.

MPD-Psycho volume 6 by Eiji Otsuka and Sho-U Tajima.

Pherone by Vikto Kalvachev.

Studs Terkel's Working, adapted by Harvey Pekar.

Walled In by Roger Micheff and Dennis Calero.

So, yeah. What am I doing writing this post or hanging out with my daughter? I have books to read!

What's up with your reading list this week?

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