10 What If Stories That Need To Make It To The Disney+ Series

Disney+ is fast becoming one of the most exciting streaming services. Along with the entire library of Disney owned properties and MCU films, Disney+ is also developing a lot of really interesting original content. One of the most intriguing shows on the slate is the newly announced animated series based on the What If comics.

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For those unfamiliar, the What If comics were one-off stories that explore the alternate possibilities related to Marvel’s famous heroes. This could be a very fun way to play around with the stories in ways that would not affect the continuity of the MCU. Here are some of the most exciting What If stories we hope make it to the series.

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10 What If Iron Man Sold-Out?


Tony Stark’s arc in the MCU has been one of the most compelling. When we first meet him, Stark is a fairly shallow and self-centered man who happens to be a genius. After seeing his weapons fall into the wrong hands, Stark has a very real change of heart which spurs him on to become the hero he is today.

This What If story looks at what might have happened had Stark not changed his ways. He remains content selling deadly weapons to whoever is willing to pay, including villains like Doctor Doom. This would not only be a unique look at Stark but also show how far he’s come as a hero.

9 What If Someone Else Had Been Bitten By The Radioactive Spider?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a great look at the many alternate versions of Spider-Man that exist. This What If story is the perfect opportunity for the MCU to have some fun with that concept as well.

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The story imagines several different versions of Spider-Man, including Flash Thompson and Betty Brant. But there are so many other fun options that could be explored. We’d love to see Ned Leeds, MJ or Aunt May’s take on the web-slinger. It would also be fun to see what kind of person Peter Parker becomes without these superpowers.

8 What If The Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Super-Powers?

The Fantastic Four might not be part of the MCU yet, but it’s likely their introduction is forthcoming. Once they do join the universe, it would be great to see this classic What If story.

The concept follows the four individuals we know to be the Fantastic Four, however, they never acquire those fantastic powers that turn them into the super team. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t still act like heroes. It would be inspiring to see that these four are still willing to risk their lives to save the day even if they’re just ordinary people.

7 What If The Hulk Had The Brain Of Bruce Banner?

The relationship between Hulk and Banner has evolved a lot over the course of the MCU to date. In Thor: Ragnarok, we saw Hulk with a lot more personality than ever before. Then in Avengers: Infinity War, we saw Hulk take more control over his role in the duo.

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This alternate take shows Hulk share the same mind as Banner while keeping his immense strength. It could be jarring to see a super intelligent Hulk but it could also be highly entertaining. These one-off stories are a good excuse to show beloved characters like we’ve never seen them before, and this seems like a prime opportunity.

6 What If Dr. Strange Were A Disciple Of Dormammu?

Dr Strange Movie

One of the most interesting opportunities with these What If stories is examining heroes on the opposite side of good versus evil. Doctor Strange is one of the most important figures in the protection of Earth, so what would it look like if he was a villain?

The MCU’s version of Doctor Strange was a much more reluctant hero than the other Avengers but has come to embrace his responsibility. It would be disturbing yet interesting to see him seduced by the darker side and what he would be capable as in a villain role.

5 What If Doctor Doom Had Become A Hero?

Stan Lee Doctor Doom

Along with getting the Fantastic Four in the MCU, we also get to see what they do with Marvel’s best villain – Doctor Doom. Even with all the potential for this amazing character, he has sadly been waster in live-action films to date. Hopefully, in the hands of the MCU, they’ll do him justice.

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Part of what makes Doom so compelling is that he feels he is the hero. With that kind of attitude, it would be interesting to see him take on a traditional hero role. With such an interesting character, you want to explore his potential as much as possible.

4 What If Captain America Had Been Elected President?

The What If comics can sometimes explore some serious takes on our favorite characters, while others can have some fun with the more outrageous concepts. One great example of this is the story that saw Captain America getting into the politics game.

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There are probably plenty of people who would like the idea of Steve Rogers in the White House. But as patriotic as the man is, there’s also a lot of chances for this to go very wrong. This could be the MCU’s take on The Candidate and that sounds pretty fun.

3 What If Loki Had Found The Hammer Of Thor?

Despite his death in Avengers: Infinity War, we’ll still be seeing more of Loki in the MCU. His own solo series has been announced for Disney+ and this is one What If story that would be worth bringing him back for.

It seems like Loki might have been a completely different person if he were chosen to be King of Asgard over Thor. If he was deemed worthy to lift the hammer, Mjolnir, Loki could have been just a truly heroic God of Thunder. It would be a fitting addition to his redemption.

2 What If Spider-Man Had Never Become A Crimefighter?


One iconic moment in Spider-Man’s origins is the death of Uncle Ben which led to his decision to use his powers for good rather than self-interest. But this What If story explores the reality if this moment never happened.

To see Spider-Man go the more selfish path of fame and fortune could be a funny take to see a spoiled and entitled teenage celebrity version of Peter Parker. Maybe we’d see him pursue that wrestling career we seemed to be considering. It would be a very different Spider-Man living by the philosophy that with great power comes great popularity.

1 What If The Avengers Had Never Been?

Avengers MCU

While fans are obviously very excited for Avengers: Endgame, they also need to come to terms with the fact that some favorite MCU characters could be gone forever. We’ll likely see some of the Avengers sacrifice themselves to defeat Thanos. So this What If story seems like the perfect one to explore.

In a world in which those classic heroes never did assemble, what would happen to the world? Would the Chitauri have taken over? Would Loki rule Earth? It would be a scary alternate take that would make us appreciate The Avengers even more.

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