What If: Jeff Goldblum Confirms Robert Downey Jr. Will Return as Iron Man

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Thor: Ragnarok star Jeff Goldblum has confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role as Iron Man for Disney+ streaming series What If...?

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Goldblum was asked if he'd return as Grandmaster in Thor: Love and Thunder. In the process, the actor revealed that he went to Disney Studios to record for What If...? "This episode included the Grandmaster and Iron Man," said Goldblum. "So Robert Downey [Jr.] will do a voice in that. And Korg, Taika Waititi, had already recorded his voice for that."

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Downey first played Tony Stark in 2008's Iron Man, which launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its present form. He reprised the role on several occasions, most recently in this year's Avengers: Endgame. The massive movie saw Stark die after using the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out Thanos and his army, saving Earth in the process. As What If...? will deal with a variety of alternate universes and stories, this doesn't mean that Tony Stark is coming back to life. Instead, this is just an alternate version of the character.

Marvel Studios' first animated series, What If...?, will take audiences through the Multiverse to show off alternative versions of the MCU's colorful cast of characters. The show will consist of 23 episodes and will be available on Disney+ sometime in 2021.

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