What I'd Like to See in the Next Volume of Wednesday Comics

...assuming there IS a next volume, of course! But I'd like to see one. I know we're only on Week Three of the first one, but it seems pretty clear how it's going to play out by now (or does it?). Here's what I'd love to see in Part Deux:

  • The Spirit - Really, I think this one is a gimme. But who could really do a new Spirit page justice?
  • Standalone stories - The weekly format leads to cool serial storytelling, sure, but the comics pages the book apes were mostly standalone in their time. This will also prevent things from seeming too "samey."
  • Sergio Aragonés - Let the man do whatever he wants. He can fill a page like no other.
  • House of Mystery/Secrets - Preferably as an anthology-within-an-anthology; a new story and set of creators every week!
  • Bill Sienkiewicz - I can't begin to imagine the mad, brilliant things he would bring to a giant page.
  • Aquaman - Or as I like to call it, "Little Captain Nemo in Atlantisland."
  • Paul Dini and Bruce Timm on Zatanna - Because Paul Dini and Bruce Timm on Zatanna, that's why.
  • Plastic Man - With or without the great Kyle Baker, but just as zany.
  • J.H. Williams III - The man can literally do anything and everything with a comics page. It would be a new, amazing experience every week.
  • Jonah Hex by Jordi Bernet - Don't mess with a good thing. Also, it gets a wider variety of genres in there.
  • John Cassaday - He's great at bringing the gorgeous and expansive, and to do so on a bigger scale would be glorious.
  • Space Cabby - For Dave.
  • Gag strips - Sugar and Spike, Angel and the Ape, Swing with Scooter, Leave It to Binky, whatever. Something charming and fun.
  • Grant Morrison - Duh.
  • Darwyn Cooke - And again, "Duh."
  • Frank Miller - Sane or frothing at the mouth. On whatever he wants to do. Er, except the Spirit.
  • The Atom - Just imagine what you could do with it. He could be actual size, holding a fight scene on top of a Sunday comics page, trampling on sound effects. He could star in a series of panels that gets smaller and smaller as he shrinks and progresses down the page. Or you could follow him with a cute dotted line like Billy in the Family Circus. Lots of great possibilities for playful sequential art.

...and that's probably more than the book could fit. What would you like to see in the hopefully inevitable follow-up to Wednesday Comics?

It's Batman Vs Zombies on Greg Capullo's Cover for #DCEASED #1

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