What I Will Be Buying Tomorrow

The votes are in and here is the top ten comics for me to try tomorrow as selected by you:

1. TOOTH & CLAW #1: 15 votes

2. GOTHAM ACADEMY #2: 11 votes

3. BIRTHRIGHT #2: 10 votes

4. GRAYSON #4: 9 votes

5. ROCKET RACCOON #5: 9 votes

6. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9: 6 votes


8. ALL NEW X-FACTOR #16: 6 votes

9. SCOOBY DOO TEAM UP #7: 5 votes

10. BATMAN ETERNAL #31: 4 votes

(In the case of the tie for fourth, I flipped a coin. In the case of the tie for sixth, I used an online list randomizer. And, in adding up the votes, choosing less than three comics didn't make your vote count more. And, if you listed more than three, I only counted the first three you gave. The others are dead to me.)

So, tomorrow, I will be buying the top three books that my shop has -- say there are no rack copies of Gothan Academy #2, I would move onto Grayson #4 and so on until I have three new books. I will then write about all three later this week. Maybe in separate posts. Maybe together. We'll see how I'm feeling.

Thanks for your help!

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