What I bought - 9 August 2006

For fun today, it's the all-poetry edition of What I Bought!  Just in case you're unsure how I really felt, I'll tell you at the end whether I liked it or not.  I'm just swell that way.

Emissary #3 by Jason Rand and Juan Ferreyra.  $3.50, Image.


The Emissary comes to show us all the light;

He wants to truly gain humanity's trust,

But does that really mean he's right?

Although he could, he doesn't want to fight,

Because then his mission would simply be a bust.

The Emissary comes to show us all the light.

His presence here has fanatics wound up tight

And some decide their foes need to be crushed; 

But does that really mean he's right?

The government has locked him up all night,

Others say his freedom is a must.

The Emissary comes to show us all the light.

The female spy leaves her man of flight;

He only wants her when he's gripped by lust;

But that can't really mean he's right?

And so he watches us from his great height

And tries to keep us from groveling in the dust.

The Emissary comes to show us all the light

But does that really mean he's right?


But Greg, did you like it?  Ja!  But I'm still reserving judgment until after the fourth issue, which will conclude the first storyline.

Fables #52 by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha.  $2.99, DC/Vertigo.


The Snow Queen plans attacks on Fabletown;

Gepetto walks among his sacred trees;

The ones that Bigby recently burned down;

He got to them quite seemingly with ease.

While Red goes out to make herself quite hot

To turn some heads and make Ambrose agog;

But he, ashamed of what he's not;

He hides and turns right back into a frog.

So evil times will soon be here for those

Who fled far from the Emperor's fatwa.

And just to keep us all upon our toes

A back-up story drawn by one Gene Ha!

The book is always good to sit and read

If you buy it you'll do a good deed.


But Greg, did you like it?  Mais oui!

The Next #2 (of 6) by Tad Williams, Dietrich Smith, and Walden Wong.  $2.99, DC.







Pop culture weirdness.

Fights, hungry evil, too much text.

(This is a Fib poem (for Fibonacci), by the way, as explained here. They're fun.)


But Greg, did you like it?  Enough to buy the rest of the series.

She-Hulk #10 by Dan Slott, Rick Burchett, and Nelson (Muntz?).  $2.99, Marvel.


There once was a She-Hulk named Jen,

Who had issues with two hunky men.

One wolfed all out;

Pug wanted to pout;

And Stu Cicero couldn't say 'when'!


Mallory Book loves her 'droid;

The new Act Hellcat couldn't avoid.

The Starfox sub-plot,

Is about to get hot;

And it makes Pug just all paranoid!


But Greg, did you like it?  Sí!

Squadron Supreme #6 by J. Michael Straczynski, Juan Barranco, and Vicente Cifuentes.  $2.99, Marvel.


Once again we get an issue, and I

like it a bit.  Burbank is evil and doesn't miss

a chance to screw with the team, to be Frank.

And while we're being Frank

Blur tries to get Nighthawk on the team.  I

feel that would be good, because we miss

a balance to Milton and Zarda; who don't miss

any chance to plot.  The others, I

think, are choosing sides, and it adds suspense, if I can be Frank.

What about the art?  Well, I miss Frank.


But Greg, did you like it?  Hanging on by a thread.

Ultimate X-Men #73 by Robert Kirkman, Tom Raney, and Scott Hanna.  $2.99, Marvel.


The Magic man is pained.

He must fight for his life 

His reputation stained;

The Magic man is pained

That he caused all this strife 

But should his gift be blamed?

The Magic man is pained

That he must fight for his life.


But Greg, did you like it?  Minime, sed in media res est.


The Black Coat #4 (of 4) by Adam Cogan and Francesco Francavilla.  $2.99, Ape Entertainment.


I don't have ish three

It will come to me soon, but

No review for you!

Scarlet Traces: The Great Game #2 (of 4) by Ian Edginton and D'Israeli.  $2.99, Dark Horse.


This book is on time

You know what that means - here comes

The Apocalypse!


That was too hard for its own good.  Let's review: Emissary is still good, but the next issue should tell the tale; Fables has a nice beginning of an apocalyptic storyline; The Next is still pretty cool and weird; She-Hulk is fun and moves things forward; Squadron Supreme is still on the block but gets a reprieve for the moment; Ultimate X-Men was disappointing but it's only in the middle of the story, so we'll see next month.  How's that?

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