What Horrors Will the Stephen King Reboot 'C.U.J.O.' Unleash?

"Cujo" is perhaps not the best adaptation of a Stephen King novel, but the rabid-dog thriller deserves better than what Sunn Classic Pictures likely has in store for it.

The company, which produced the 1983 Dee Wallace film, is developing a reboot called -- wait for it -- "C.U.J.O.," which stands for "Canine Unit Joint Operations." Sunn's Lang Elliott will direct this mysterious new version, which stars DJ Perry ("Ghost Town: The Movie").

Although the screenplay is purportedly complete, no plot details or even a writer are mentioned. The 1983 film, like King's novel, centered on woman and her son who are terrorized by a rabid St. Bernard, but we're left to imagine "C.U.J.O." will depart significantly from that premise. Will there be more than one enormous killer dog? Is this canine unit the result of a military experiment gone horribly wrong? Cyborg pooches?

Whatever the case, it's probably not good -- for the characters or for audiences.

(via Film School Rejects)

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