What Have We Here? The Final 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer's Coolest Moments

The final trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has finally arrived, and we have lots to talk about. December 18 is right around the corner, and "Star Wars" fever is at an all time high as every new image, every new story beat and every new character reveal is being dissected by a rabid fan base.

WATCH: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Opens Fire With New Trailer

And boy, did we get some reveals with this new trailer! Honestly, the whole thing was nearly overwhelming, as Disney/Lucasfilm hit us with nearly enough "Star Wars" goodness to actually sate our appetite before "The Force Awakens" before the movie hits theaters.

Ship vs Ship Battles

In addition to the other ... issues ... with the prequels, the oft-maligned films experienced a dearth of decent ship-to-ship battles. Sure, there was the opening of "Revenge of the Sith," but there was no real, high stakes dog fighting with the same gravitas of the first Death Star battle, or the battle for Endor in "Return of the Jedi." But, man, is there some great ship to ship action in this trailer. Remember, a huge part of George Lucas' inspiration for the original "Star Wars" were the World War II aviator flicks he enjoyed as a child. This movie seems to not only be a re-awakening of the Force, but a return to the intense dog fight action "Star Wars" fans first experienced above and in the trenches of the original Death Star.

Finn, Rey and Some Revelations

We still know very little about the new heroes of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but in this new trailer, we finally got a sense of Rey and Finn's personalities and motivations. Finn is a warrior without a cause, and Rey is a lonely but adventurous young person, not that different from Luke when we first met him on another remote desert. Together, they appear to form the heart of the modern "Star Wars" films. With a few short (to short!) scenes, we see their emotion, their spirit and a little bit of what will hopefully make them worthy successors to Luke, Han and Leia.

Listen to the Music

Play the trailer again, but this time, close your eyes. Even without seeing the aliens, space ships and light sabers, you can tell -- this is a "Star Wars" movie. Chalk that up to the music, John Williams' signature strains that are so familiar to the franchise's fans. The trailer's music holds the recognizable notes of the original score, but it's been tweaked in places, becoming the soundtrack of a whole new galaxy of possibilities.

A Bittersweet Embrace

When last we saw Han Solo and Princess Leia, they were embracing on Endor, celebrating the defeat of the Empire. In the trailer, we see them embrace again, but this time there were tears in Leia's eyes, tears that promise the coming of a new dark time for the heroes of the Rebellion. Leia didn't even shed a tear when her home planet of Alderaan was destroyed, so what could cause the bravest woman in the galaxy to weep?

Alas, Poor Vader...

But perhaps the most stunning and memorable image in the trailer is Kylo Ren holding the burnt, crushed helmet of Darth Vader as he swears to complete the Sith Lord's dark work. In that one moment, Kylo Ren becomes a truly terrifying villain. Imagine the depths of the depravity of a being that holds Darth Vader as a godlike figure. While we get to see Ren kick some serious ass in the new trailer, it's that one quiet moment of dedication to the original Dark Side wielder that makes you realize that this villain might be the greatest threat a galaxy far, far way has ever encountered.

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