What Do You Want From Comic-Con This Year?

With San Diego Comic-Con less than two weeks away, and the schedule for the show finally revealed (as Kevin has already shared with you), this week's question is a simple one: What are you most looking forward to from the show?

Whether you're attending or looking for coverage from SpinOff, CBR or (gasp) other sites, there's going to be a lot happening over the five days of the con. Right now, I'm expecting Scott Pilgrim, Tron Legacy and the television version of The Walking Dead to be the buzziest things of the weekend, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for an awesome Venture Bros panel and maybe some footage from Green Lantern or that Blue Beetle test reel. But what about all of you? What do you want to see, and - because it's always all about us - what would you want us to cover, if you're not planning on attending?

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